Installing FEBFMT1030 drivers on Linux

This post explain how to install drivers for the FEBFMT1030 evaluation board. This installation has been done with the following versions of sofware :

  • XUbuntu 14.04 LTS

Software can be downloaded from this page : or her :

First, install the dependencies :

sudo apt-get install realpath sharutils liblapack3 build-essential

Extract the archive, and extract the Linux folder. Start a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and move to the archive :

 cd path/to/the/archive 

Get acces to the USB devices

Add yourself to the dialout group :

sudo usermod -G dialout -a $USER

After adding yourself to the group, either relogin to your user, or call:

newgrp dialout

Install SDK

Make the scripts executable :

chmod +x *.sh

Run the scripts :

sudo ./
sudo ./
sudo ./
sudo ./ 

Install MTManager

Extract the archive fcs_mtmanager_Release-Linux-x64_135.tar.gz, move to the linux-64/bin directory. Start the manager :


Support for the Development Board is present in recent kernels (since June 12, 2015). If your kernel does not support the Board, you can add this manually

sudo /sbin/modprobe ftdi_sio
echo 2639 0300 | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/ftdi_sio/new_id

If the board is recognized, but you cannot ever access the device, check the troubleshooting section in /usr/local/fairchild/README.MTSDK

Compile your first program

Add the libraries to the dynamic linker :

sudo ldconfig /usr/local/fairchild
sudo ldconfig /usr/local/xsens

Move to the example directory :

cd /usr/local/fairchild/examples/mtsdk/

Compile :


Move to the build directory :

cd src_cpp

Launch the app :


The device is natively located in /dev/ttyUSB0, and baud rate is 115200.

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